Natural desinfectant (spray / handsoap)

Natural desinfectant (spray / handsoap)

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Environmentally and skin friendly disinfectants for skin and surfaces

Sjankara developed natural disinfectants in spray and hand soap with the strongly disinfecting essential oil of oregano, ho-wood and palmarosa as active ingredients.
You can use it everywhere: at home, in the office, in the gym and all other public places where there is a potential risk of infection.
Because this blend has a pleasant, warm woody scent, it does not disturb and is not associated with the scent of traditional disinfectants. This allows you to use them discreetly in public.

Composition: denatured alcohol (70%) with the essential oil of oregano, ho-wood and palmarosa.
Use: with this handy spray you can disinfect not only the hands but also treat risk surfaces such as door handles, toilet seats, and clothing ....
Available: in a 100 ml glass bottle with a spray head, in a 1 liter refill bottle and in an advantage pack with the hand soap.

Hand soap
Composition: light foaming, neutral shower oil (based on almond oil), with the essential oil of oregano, high wood and palmarosa.
Use: washing your hands regularly is a very effective way to prevent contamination, but most soaps are quite aggressive; this hydrating hand soap prevents skin from drying out so you can wash your hands several times a day.
Available: in a PET bottle of 250ml, in a refill bottle of 1 liter and in a discount package with the spray.

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