Sustainable entrepreneurship


For us, sustainable and socially responsible entrepreneurship is not an obstacle that stands in the way of the proper economic functioning of Midgaardshop.
On the contrary, we believe that upholding fair & ecological values ​​benefits our company.

Offering high-quality and useful products

Every little bit helps and for the products that we include in our range, we apply the following principles.

Our products bear a biological, ecological or social label, or they are manufactured according to traditional tradition with natural raw materials.
Our products must not be tested on animals or be unfriendly to animals.
All goods are produced under socially responsible standards like:

  • correct salary for all work
  • no forced (child) labour
  • good working conditions

The products must offer added value for the consumer and the planet in several areas.
Not only the products count, we also carry out due diligence in the selection of our suppliers. Key concepts for us include: innovation, environmental awareness, artisanal production, fair trade, quality products, friendliness...

We are not a discounter!

We don't want to encourage consumers to buy unnecessarily: Midgaardshop always tries to make a fair price and keeps us away from unrealistic discounts just to make sales.
We appreciate returning customers instead of 1-purchase prize hunters, with every purchase you receive bonus points that are immediately converted into cash credit that you can deduct on your next order, look for more information at Midgaardshop Savings Points.

Efficient logistics

Logistics is an important and impactful aspect of every webshop, but unfortunately this is all too often minimized for the consumer, however transport costs a lot of money and has a large ecological footprint.
Midgaarshop does not take this responsibility lightly and we always try to organize our logistics (packaging materials and transport) as efficiently and ecologically as possible.

Optimizing waste

We try to limit waste streams and use recycled materials for administration (eg reusing packaging materials from suppliers, recycled paper for our invoices...). We try to work as paper-free as possible, eg you will receive our invoices electronically.
Wastewater is discharged into an IBA (Individual Wastewater Treatment Plant) and then allowed to infiltrate into a bed in the ground. The toilet we 
flush with rainwater.

CO2 neutral: our fleet consists of 100% bicycles

We move on foot, by bicycle, public transport or exceptionally by taxi or rental car.
Midgaardshop  does not own cars, only bicycles, less costs for the company, good for our condition and less harmful to the environment.

CO2 neutral: 100% green energy

We are 100% Co2 neutral: all our offices and warehouses run on 100% green energy (wind power) from Belgium for heating (heat pump) and electricity.

We support environmentally friendly organizations

For customers who are members of certain environmentally friendly organizations we are happy to give an extra discount, see our Reward Program page.