About us

Midgaard, founded in 2000 by Tom Vandyck and Ann Van Ende, is a trendy lifestyle store, organic & eco-friendly, with respect for people and labour. Something for everyone, we offer the green consumer a wide range of better products.


Our products are not only healthy and ecological, they are also excellent as a present or gift:
Are you looking for a gift with meaning and content, do you put value in meaningful gifts or charming gifts, whether or not spiced with symbolism and mysticism... In short, something different?
Then you've come to the right place with us!


For the goods we sell, we use a few simple criteria that are strictly controlled by us.
Each product has been tested by ourselves beforehand so that we always know what we sell from experience!


Organic and complete nutrition
The products are preferably provided with an organic quality mark, and they are manufactured according to traditional tradition.
The food must be complete, i.e. no tricks with regard to cultivation and production (such as genetic manipulation) that ensure that as many natural properties as possible (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, energy) are preserved, but above all...
that our food is good, old-fashioned tasty!


Animal friendly
All products, including household products, cosmetics and others, may not be tested on animals.


Social Responsibility
All goods are produced under socially responsible standards, i.e. fair pay for all labour, no forced child labor and good working conditions.
In addition to local suppliers, we also carry articles from third world producers. The Fair Trade and Max Havelaar label guarantees control over the origin of the articles. Producers who support additional projects also receive additional support from us.


Environment, the big picture
What is of great importance is the total ecological impact of the products.
There is no point in growing organically if you pack the goods in harmful PVC or import organic strawberries from South Africa by plane during the winter.
The goods must be sustainably produced and free from poison or other harmful chemicals.
Efficient use of logistics and packaging is encouraged.