Jala neti complete set

Jala neti complete set

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Neti pot Mandala (colors)
1 x Neti pot Mandala (colors)
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Neti pot for nasal cleansing

Colored ceramic pot (holds 25 cc) with mandala symbol on both sides.
Suited for the jala neti way of cleansing the nose.
Best used with sea salt or Himalaya (halite) salt.

Available in gold, cream, jade green and lilac.

How to use
The Sanskrit term Jala neti refers to an ancient yogic cleansing technique, meaning literally "water cleansing", where the practitioner rinses out the nasal cavity with slightly salted water using a neti pot. Jala neti, though relatively less known in western culture, is a common practice in parts of India and other areas in South East Asia, performed as routinely as using a toothbrush.
It is performed daily usually the first thing in the morning with other cleansing practices or it may be usefull at the end of the day if you work or live in a dusty or polluted environment. When dealing with problems of congestion it can be performed up to 4 times a day.
The technique is starting to be recognized by Western medicine under the term nasal irrigation.


  • improved breathing
  • reduction of allergy problems
  • elimination of post-nasal drip
  • elimination of sinusitis or chronic sinus infections
  • moistening of dry nasal passages
  • temporarily reduces symptoms of phantosmia
  • common colds are either avoided or the duration greatly shortened
  • general improvement to sinus health (if sinus symptoms persist consult a doctor)

Yogic breathing practices known as pranayama are greatly enhanced by the practice of jala neti since many of them involve deep breathing through the nostrils.
Other benefits practitioners may notice:

  • vision is clearer as  Jala neti will clean the tear ducts enabling better cleaning and moistening of the eyes
  • improved sense of smell
  • improved sense of taste
  • deeper more relaxed breathing