Yerba maté complete set

Yerba maté complete set

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Sirop Brut (aromatised sugar waters) 400ml
1 x Sirop Brut (aromatised sugar waters) 400ml
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Gourd Noir (180ml)
1 x Gourd Noir (180ml)
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Bombilla drinking straw
1 x Bombilla drinking straw
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All you need to prepare yerba maté

Yerba mate with mint 500 grams
A particularly soft and pleasant tasting green yerba mate with peppermint and spearmint; all ingredients come from certified sustainable agriculture and Fair Trade.
This drink is invigorating and invigorating without getting you worked up, ideal as a boost during a tiring day at work or during heavy physical work or sports.
This yerba mate has a rich flavor that is somewhere between coffee and green tea.
Mint makes for a very smooth taste with a fresh aroma in the background.

Sirop Brut 400ml
Sirop brut is ideal to sweeten the yerba mate, the mint in particular fits perfectly with this, but you can experiment with different flavors yourself.

Gourd Noir 180ml and bombilla
With the loose yerba mate you have the choice of either preparing it in a teapot, but perhaps the best way is drinking in a classic way from a gourd with a bombilla (special straw).
How to do this is stated on the packaging of the yerba maté.

You can safely drink it daily, but because it still contains a strong portion of caffeine which has a natural stimulating effect, it is best to drink it:

  • in the morning
  • when you need a boost
  • before working out or doing yoga
  • ideal to end a meditation

Yerba mate with mint 500 grams
Sirop Brut 400ml
Gourd noir

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