Sirop Brut (aromatised sugar waters) 400ml

Sirop Brut (aromatised sugar waters) 400ml

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Sweeten it with our brut sirops

Sirop Brut are sugar waters that are subtly flavored with various herbs and fruits, making them perfect for sweetening a range of cold and warm drinks & dishes such as:

  • green and black tea
  • herbal infusions
  • homemade lemonades
  • various coffee, espresso, laté, iced coffees...
  • (homemade) ice creams
  • mocktails and cocktails
  • smoothies, cocoa milk
  • cottage cheese 
  • fruit salads
  • vinaigrettes

You can use them singly, but you can also create your own combination of different sirops brut.

They come in a beautiful, vintage pharmacy bottle in dark glass.

Available flavors

  • Ginger: known spicy, peppery taste, for example fits perfectly in green tea such as houjicha
  • Mint: typical fresh taste that goes with everything
  • Strawberry: classic strawberry flavor, delicious on desserts, ice creams ...
  • Caramel: delicious caramel touch, perfect in various types of coffee and milk preparations such as smoothies and cocoa milk ...
  • Rosemary: dry, very spicy taste, gives a nice spice to the drink or dish, be sure to try our Honey Distillery

The sweetness of the sugar water prevails, while their taste is rather in the background.
Use the syrups especially to sweeten a drink or dish, as the taste of the sirop is not brut, you keep tasting the main ingredient with a hint of the sirop brut softly present.

Sustainably grown cane sugar, water, natural aromas

Content: 400 ml
Packaging: dark glass bottle with stopper

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