Cold brew Pure Black 3 liters (Columbia en Ethiopia)

Cold brew Pure Black 3 liters (Columbia en Ethiopia)

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Delicious cold brewed coffee in 3 liter pouch with tap

This ready-to-use cold brew Pure Black in 3 liter carry pouch is a tasty, artisanal cold brew coffee, made with sustainably grown coffee beans that have been lightly roasted and ground slowly and then brewed in filtered and vitalized water for 24 hours. This gives this drink a softer, less bitter taste and is slightly sweeter than hot brewed coffee.
Produced in small batches with no preservatives, artificial flavors or added sugars.
Contains caffeine that gives you a long-lasting boost without the annoying jitteriness of regular coffee.

Available in two varieties:
Single Origin Arabica from Ethiopia, a more complex coffee flavor with a fresh and fruity floral aroma
Single Origin Arabica from Columbia, classic and well-known coffee flavor with a dark and full body aroma

Also available in 200ml bottles.

A tasty, versatile drink that is perfect for anyone who needs a boost!
Use it at home, at work or large gatherings.

This ready-to-use cold brew Pure Black is more concentrated than regular coffee, you can certainly drink it pure as an espresso, but it really comes into its own in various preparations such as:

  • poured with warm or cold milk of your choice
  • as a basis for cocktails and mocktails
  • poured with sparkling water as an energy drink
  • poured with tonic as a soft drink
  • as a flavor in milkshakes, pastries, cakes, ice creams...
  • in various chocolate preparations
  • in pre-workout protein smoothies
  • frozen as ice cubes

100% cold extracted coffee: filtered water and roasted Single Origin Arabica coffee beans from controlled sustainable and fair trade agriculture

Content: 3 liters
Packaging: plastic pouch with carrying handle and tap

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