Olympic gymnastic rings + Liquid chalk extra strong

Olympic gymnastic rings + Liquid chalk extra strong

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Olympic gymnastic rings
1 x Olympic gymnastic rings
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Liquid Chalk 200ml
1 x Liquid Chalk 200ml
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No Gym? No problem: just get your gymnastic rings & liquid chalk...

With the high-quality Olympic gymnastic rings you train your whole body, both lower and upper body and you can use them in a multitude of exercises such as pullups, ring muscle ups, toes to rings, L-sits, rows, extensions, dips, pushups, TRX exercises...
Together with the VIA FORTIS Liquid Chalk Extra Strong (200ml liquid magnesium powder) for a rock-solid grip, you have a super combination to take your gymnastic rings workout to the next level.
This combination is therefore the first choice of many experienced gymnasts, calisthenics practitioners and CrossFit athletes and therefore also perfect for your home gym!

Set of olympic gymnastic rings

  • Perfectly polished wooden rings
    They offer a better and more comfortable grip, are lightweight and have dimensions that comply with the competition guidelines of the International Gymnastics Federation.
  • Sturdy fastening straps with numbered markings
    With their 4 cm width they are wider than those of most other suppliers, they provide more stability and together with the high-quality closures they are also very secure.
    With the markings, the gymnastic rings can be adjusted to the correct height within seconds and without having to annoy you.

Train indoors or out, attach the rings to the ceiling, pullup bar, tree branch or any other available attachment point, hang them at the correct height and you're done!
Stores compactly and is very easy to take with you on a trip, hike, walk ... so that you always have your own home gym with you.

Quantity: 2 pcs
Material: real wood
Handle diameter: 28 mm
Ring diameter (inside): 180 mm
Fastening straps
Quantity: 2 pcs
Length: 400 cm
Width: 38 mm

Liquid Chalk Extra Strong 200ml

Liquid chalk is magnesium powder dissolved in alcohol and has many benefits:

  • immediately an exceptionally good and secure grip
  • economical in use (stays on the hands for a long time)
  • easy to apply
  • no mess with powder, so dust-free
  • the alcohol creates a disinfectant barrier against the surfaces you come into contact with
  • easy to carry in your sports bag or pocket

Suitable for all activities where having dry hands is not only an advantage but also necessary, such as:
bouldering, climbing (indoor & outdoor), gymnastics, fitness, weightlifting, pullups, Olympic rings, crossfit, parcour, kettlebell workouts ...
Just apply a small amount (the size of a pea) of liquid magnesium powder to the palms of your hands, rub it in, let it dry for a while and you're done!

Content: 200ml
Packaging: plastic tube