Handgrip trainer set (5 pcs) + finger extention bands (3pcs)

Handgrip trainer set (5 pcs) + finger extention bands (3pcs)

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Set of 5 hand trainers for developing strong hands and forearms

This ultimate set contains 5 high-quality steel hand trainers of different gripping forces with which you train both your hands and your entire forearm.
When buying this hand exerciser premium set we give you a FREE set of finger extension bands (3, 4, 5 kg tension) worth €11.75 with which you train the exact opposite muscles of the hand than those of the hand exerciser.

The grip trainers have ambidextrous handles so that you can use them for both your left and right hand.

With this ultimate set you train all muscles so that you develop well-balanced and powerful muscles.

Why are strong hands and forearms important?
If you want to build a strong body, a firm hand grip and strong forearms are essential.
Where in the past it was the most normal thing to have strong muscles in the hands and arms because one often had to drag heavy objects, this is no longer evident in today's times.
However, there are many benefits associated with well-developed muscles in your hands and forearms:

  • reduced risk of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) disorders such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow...
  • improving sports performance, especially in strength sports such as crossfit, Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics...
  • less fatigue when performing daily chores in and around the house, garden...

Who benefits from regularly using a hand exerciser

  • anyone who pursues a healthy and active lifestyle
  • extremely suitable for relieving daily stress
  • for people who daily use a keyboard and mouse for a longer period of time
  • as rehabilitation after surgery or in recovery from illness if one is not yet mobile enough to do other exercises
  • for various sports where arms are used, such as strength athletes, martial arts practitioners, tennis players, climbers...

Which grip strength is right for me?
45 kg (100 lbs): perfect for beginners in grip training, to get many reps or as a stress reliever
68 kg (150 lbs): for the intermediate athlete, who wants to take the next step to stronger hands
91 kg (200 lbs): a great challenge for many fitness enthusiasts, very suitable for strength sports practitioners
112 kg (250 lbs): for real powerhouses who want an ambitious goal to work towards
135 kg (300 lbs): This is the ultimate hand exerciser that not many people can master

Hand trainer material: steel
Finger extension material: rubber
The grip strength is stated at the bottom of the handles (in lbs)

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