Jump rope

Jump rope

Model: VM0334
EAN: 4280001342156
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The perfect skipping rope for a quiet warmup or heavy training

Whether for a warm-up, to improve your coordination or endurance, the professional skipping rope from VIA FORTIS is a must have in the home gym and an essential to take with you on a trip ...
Very suitable for challenging techniques such as Crossfit double unders.
This Speedrope has been developed together with professional athletes to achieve an optimal training instrument:

  • two types of steel rope with PVC sheath, each 3 meters long: an extra thick (3.5 mm) and heavy + a thinner (2.5 mm) and lighter rope
  • contains a removable 100 gram weight in each of the handles that allows you to adjust the intensity of your workoutsmooth
  • running high-tech ball bearings for maximum speed
  • very easy to adjust the length to the person or to change rope
  • non-slip handles that prevent you from slipping, even with sweaty hands
  • practical storage bag
  • English manual

This skipping rope is suitable for all types of training from warm up, workout to cool down.
Due to the smooth turning movement it is perfectly suited to master more difficult techniques such as double and triple unders.
Choose the thicker rope for more control, the thinner rope is suitable for higher speed, 
adjust the length and add or remove the weights.

2 handles with removable weights (100 grams each)
1 steel rope with PVC cover 3.5mm thick
1 steel rope with PVC cover 2.5mm thick
Storage bag

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