Yoga spray Shanti

Yoga spray Shanti

Model: Shanti-Yoga-Spray
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Shanti Yoga Spray, your companion for work and workout

This fresh home spray, a synergy with 4 organic essential oils, has a pleasant, fresh and invigorating scent that has an activating, balancing, cleansing and clarifying effect.
Lemon, myrtle, sage and amyris are the ideal blend to improve mindful breathing.
In addition, it helps to maintain a healthy atmosphere in every room and to remove unpleasant odors.
The mild disinfecting effect is also ideal for refreshing on your exercise mat, fitness mat or yoga mat.

This product is also environmentally friendly: packaged in a handy recyclable spray nebulizer without gas drive.

How does the Shanti house spray smell?
This home spray has a nice, fresh scent of lemon with a soft spicy touch of myrtle, sage and amyris.
The scent is present but never overpowering.

What can you use the Shanti spray for?
The Shanti spray from Oskari Berlin has a refreshing and uplifting scent that helps you to breathe better and therefore to focus better:

  • spray on your fitness or yoga mat before and after the session
  • spray it in the room during yoga, meditation, sports
  • suitable for study, workshop, offices, meeting rooms...
  • disinfect and refresh the musty hotel room or tent
  • bitthe sick room to disinfect it a

3 to 6 sprays in the air, depending on the size of the room to be cleaned; repeat the operation several times a day as needed.

You can easily store and take this handy spray to the gym, office, hotel, camping...

Alcohol, essential oil of lemon, myrtle, sage and amyris
Sourced from sustainable agriculture

Content: 100ml
Packaging: glass spray bottle