Birch essential oil (10ml and 30ml)

Birch essential oil (10ml and 30ml)

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Birch, used for centuries

The essential oil of birch has been used for centuries to strengthen body & mind and certainly belongs in the home pharmacy of every sporty, active person.
The oil has a rejuvenating effect, promotes circulation and soothes tired muscles and joints, while the cool, fresh scent awakens the tired mind.
This essential oil of the silver birch (Betula Pendula) is obtained by distilling the young leaf buds.

Available in 10ml and 30ml.

It has a pleasant, fresh menthol-like scent that can be compared to the scent of wintergreen.

The oil is ideal for treating tired muscles & joints after a workout, for tempering age-related ailments and for clarifying the mind.
It has a good skin purifying effect and promotes blood flow so that waste products are removed more quickly.
You can not only use it in massage oil, the scent also has a healing effect and therefore this oil is also suitable for the aroma diffuser, bath and sauna.
In addition, you can also use it to remove unpleasant sweat odors, put a few drops on a (bag) cloth and put it in your sports bag, sneakers, locker...

Usage: evaporation, bath, sauna and massage.
Birch essential oil cannot be applied directly to the skin but must always be diluted with a base oil such as jojoba oil.

Not intended for ingestion, use on open wounds or on sensitive skin areas (eg around the eyes).
When in doubt, consult your doctor, especially in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding or using medication.
Keep out of reach of children.

Content: 10ml and 30ml
Packaging: glass

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