Moussaillon soap powder

Moussaillon soap powder

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Moussaillon, a 100% natural soap powder for sprinkling on hands, face and body

Moussaillon is suited for cleaning all skin types and can be used by the whole family on a daily basis
With its ultra soft and restorative formula, it very suitable for sensitive, irritated, itching and damaged skin.

Made from 100% natural raw materials according to a traditional recipe, this soap pampers the skin with nourishing organic shea butter. The fragrance is obtained from natural essential oils derived from lavender and lemon, which also have protecting, regenerating, toning and clarifying properties.

The bottle lid allows a simple rotational movement for extracting the desired amount of soap making it very convenient for travelling.


  • shake the bottle before each use
  • turn the lid so that the holes are free
  • sprinkle the desired amount of powder in your wet hands
  • Cleanse the skin and rinse

Contents: 100 grams

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