Shakti oil pulling 250ml

Shakti oil pulling 250ml

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Ayurvedic mouth oil Shakti for oil pulling

The fresh tasting Shakti from Himalaya's Dreams is a healing, Ayurvedic mouth oil especially for oil pulling.
It is made from sustainable, natural raw materials, carefully produced in India according to traditional recipes and production methods of Ayurveda.

Due to its composition of sesame oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, turmeric, ginger, tiger grass extract, fennel and eucalyptus oil, the mouth oil Shakti is excellent for refreshing, cleaning and healing mouth wounds.

Tiger grass, fennel and eucalyptus provide a pleasant taste that makes this mouth oil feel quite pleasant.

Is oil pulling good for me?
Oil Pulling is an age-old method of keeping your mouth, teeth, gums and tongue healthy.
In Ayurveda, along with tongue scraping and neti nasal rinses, it is part of daily oral care.
It is also ideal to do during a detox cure and even as a meditative exercise.

Oil pulling has a few interesting benefits:

  • gives a pleasant, fresh feeling in the mouth
  • removes contaminants and bacteria built up overnight, helping to prevent plaque and caries
  • contributes to a healthy oral flora
  • gives fresh breath
  • relieves pressure on the head cavities and sinuses (relieves headaches)
  • strengthens the muscles of your mouth, tongue and jaw
  • promotes wound healing, periodontosis and gingivitis
  • is a good meditative exercise

How do you do oil pulling?
Oil pulling is best done as part of the daily morning routine, just before brushing your teeth.
But you can also do it periodically as extra care of the mouth, with certain oral complaints such as canker sores, bleeding gums and the like or as a meditative exercise.

Put 1 tablespoon of the Shakti oil in your mouth and 'draw' it through your teeth by sucking and gargling, which for about 10 minutes until the oil becomes noticeably thinner and whitish in color.

Then spit out the oil (don't swallow it).
You can now first scrape your tongue with a copper or silver tongue scraper, then brush your teeth as usual and rinse with lukewarm water.

Composition Shakti mouth oil
Sesame oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil, turmeric, ginger, tiger grass extract, fennel, eucalyptus oil
From sustainable agriculture, produced without pesticides and herbicides.

Contents: 250ml
Packaging: glass bottle

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