Ashwagandha powder (100 grams & 1 kgs)

Ashwagandha powder (100 grams & 1 kgs)

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Discover the power of Ashwagandha, the Ayurvedic superhero who offers balance and vitality!

Ashwagandha has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries and is known for its adaptogenic properties.
It helps the body to adapt to stressful situations and promotes a sense of calm and relaxation.

Our ashwagandha powder is carefully made from sustainably grown ashwagandha roots so you can enjoy the purest form of this powerful herb. With just a teaspoon a day, you can already experience the benefits.

Add our Ashwagandha powder to your daily routine and discover the versatile power this Ayurvedic gem has to offer.

Available in 100 and 1000 grams.

What can you use ashwagandha powder for?

There are several applications for which you can use ashwagandha powder both externally and internally.

  • facial care
  • body care
  • hair care
  • relaxing massage oil
  • sports and recovery massage oil
  • triggerpoint, deep tissue & gua sha massageolie
  • in smoothies, coffee and tea

It is ideal for taking care of your skin and hair, in mindfulness exercises and improving your mental and physical performance.

How can you use the ashwagandha powder?

The possibilities are endless!
Take a look at our blog about ashwagandha, where we give a lot of practical tips on how to use ashwagandha powder in massage oil, skin and hair care, and much more.


100% ashwagandha powder from sustainable agriculture


Content: 100 and 1000 grams

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