Magnesium Oil Joint Spray

Magnesium Oil Joint Spray

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Enriched with glucosamine, especially for joint pains

Joint pains can be a result of a shortage of magnesium in your body; this causes cramped mucles to negatively affect joints and/or that cell renewal is limited resulting in excess wear and tear.
A natural topical joint and muscle spray containing magnesium, glucosamine, menthol and wintergreen oil, designed to alleviate joint and muscle pains.
Suited for athletes as part as their recovery routine as well as daily use for the (elderly) persons suffering from painfull joints.

How to use
Essential magnesium is absorbed directly into the skin tissue, entering the cells immediately.
As it bypasses the digestive system the absorption has been proven to be faster than any tablet or capsule.

Simply spray directly onto the skin and massage in; concentrate on muscle and joint areas.
Magnesium Oil Joint spray is best applied little but often, using a few sprays at a time on specific areas.
If using during athletic training ensure it is applied before, during and after exertion to optimise magnesium supply.

The Zechstein Inside® magnesium source has remained protected from man-made pollutants and every batch receives a chemical fingerprint to ensure it passes stringent purity checks.

Purified Water, Zechstein Inside magnesium chloride (15% concentration), glucosamine sulphate, mentol oil, wintergreen oil

Contents: 100ml (good for over 800 applications)
Packaging: plastic spray bottle

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