Ashwaganda thailam relaxing massage oil (200ml)

Ashwaganda thailam relaxing massage oil (200ml)

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Ashwaganda thailam massage oil for relaxing body and mind

Ashwaganda thailam is a wonderfully relaxing combination of ashwaganda and various medicinal plants that acts on both the muscles and the nervous system.
It has a particularly calming effect, it dispels fatigue and allows the body and mind to relax so that it can recover.

What can you use the Ashwaganda thailam for?
This massage oil is excellent for general physical and/or mental fatigue.
It helps build muscle tissue and acts on the nervous system.
It is suitable for all persons from young to old.
It is ideal after a solid workout or if you suffer from stress.

How do you use the ashwaganda massage oil?
Spread the oil on a large area of ​​skin and massage in.
After the massage, let the rest of the oil work for about 30 minutes.

Our Ashwagandha massage oil is 100% natural and contains no emulsifiers, so it can harden at lower temperatures.
Therefore, if the oil is a bit too thick or viscous, you can dip the bottle in some warm water until the oil is sufficiently liquid again.
Shake the bottle well before use so that all ingredients are well mixed.

Note: May leave stains on textiles.

Composition Ashwaganda thailam
Sesame oil, ashwaganda (Withania somnifera), nelumbo nucifera, boerhavia diffusa, coleus vetiveroides, cyperus rotundus rhizome, elatteria cardamomum, emblica officinalis, glycyrrhiza glabra, hemidesmus indicus, jaslanianum solanus officinale, privicinale , terminalia chebula, vitis vinifera

Content: 200ml
Packaging: glass

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