Xtreme weather outdoor utility set (knife, axe, thermos)

Xtreme weather outdoor utility set (knife, axe, thermos)

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When the conditions are extreme, you need the Xtreme weather outdoor utility set!

The Xtreme weather outdoor utility set with hunting knife, ax and thermos is designed to be tough in any kind of environment and circumstance: cold, humidity or heat, nothing is too extreme for this trio.
Sturdy and durable, this set is best to take with you when you go on an adventure.

The double-walled thermos bottle keeps 0.95 liters of liquid or food hot or cold for a long time so that you always stay hydrated.
It has a detachable aluminum drinking cup, handle and short strap for extra comfort.

The versatile hunting knife and handy ax are exceptionally suitable for hard work:

  • The blade and ax head are made of X30Cr13 stainless steel which has good hardness, keeps its cut sharp for a long time, is easy to sharpen, is wear resistant and resistant to corrosion from water and salt.
  • Reinforced sheath with carrying strap that offers good protection against accidents during transport.
  • The handle is made of sturdy, water-repellent polymer with ridges and finger-sparing baffle plate so that it lies very firmly, comfortably and non-slip in the hand this allows you to handle it without problems in a clammy and damp environment.
    It is very generously measured so you can handle both the knife and the ax well and safely with gloves and even thick winter mitts, which is very useful in cold, arctic weather.
    Equipped with a lanyard eye to thread a carrying strap.
  • The hunting knife has a trailing point blade so you can use it for skinning and filleting, for example.
    The back of the blade is provided with saw teeth for cutting thin branches.
  • The ax head is relatively heavy for its small size, so you don't have to use much force when chopping. Suitable for any type of wood. You can also use it as a hammer.

Ideal to take with you on your next camping or outdoor trip especially when the weather and climate conditions are challenging.
Very well suited in cold weather or damp conditions.
Keep it handy at home, in your car, boat, canoe ...

1 x thermos bottle 0.95 liters
1 x hunting knife in reinforced sheath
   total length 31.5 cm
   blade length: 15 cm
   handle length: 15.5 cm
1 x ax in reinforced sheath
   total length 30.5 cm
   dimensions ax head: 9 x 11 cm
   handle length: 15.5 cm

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