Hand ax Hjalti (engraved)

Hand ax Hjalti (engraved)

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Hjalti, a multifunctional hand ax to cherish

The Hjalti is a beautifully engraved and versatile hand ax from Norway, made of hardened carbon steel with a beautiful walnut handle and sturdy leather sheath with carrying strap.
It is a lightweight hachet type ax with wide cutting edge, to be used with one hand:

  • particularly useful for various garden and forest work
  • can handle all types of wood
  • ideal for splitting firewood for stove and fireplace
  • essential for bushcraft and to take on any adventure trek

Its versatility, light weight, iconic decoration makes this ax a must for every nature person and if you give the Hjalti the necessary maintenance, it will last your entire life.

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Ax head
The Bec de Faucon ax head is forged from high quality carbon steel (with a medium percentage of carbon): it stays sharp for a long time, is easy to sharpen and has a long service life.
In addition, it is masterfully engraved (not printed!) With Norwegian iconographic symbols and then polished.
It has a wide cutting surface and is therefore easy to use.

The handle is made of untreated walnut, a wood that does not break easily and is exceptionally good at absorbing shocks and blows. It has been used for centuries to make furniture, hammer and ax handles, airplane propellers and rifle butts.
It also has a beautiful color and grain and you can easily edit it, for example to apply your own decoration.

The shape of the handle provides a good, comfortable grip and there is an opening for threading a cord.

The reinforced leather sheath protects the ax head well so that you cannot hurt yourself on the edge and the carrying strap ensures that you can easily attach it to your belt, backpack ...

Periodic maintenance is required to enjoy the Hjalti for a long time.
After use, wipe and dry the head before putting it in the case.
Carbon steel is not stainless and therefore oxidation can occur; you can easily remove it with a scourer or fine steel wool.
For long-term storage it is recommended to oil the ax head.
The walnut stem is untreated but normally does not require additional care, you can also oil it if necessary.
You can regularly grease the sheath with eg Swedish leather grease.

Ax head material: carbon steel
Handle material: walnut
Total length: 40 cm
Handle length: 30 cm
Sheath material: leather
Total weight (without sheath): 980 grams

Additional information

Hjalti literally means the man of Shetland and refers to the connection between Norway and the distant sea voyages undertaken by the Norwegian people.
Bec de faucon or falcon beak refers to the type of ax head that, in addition to being a tool, also served as a weapon of war.

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