FireKnife Bio

FireKnife Bio

Model: 203690
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Swedish FireKnife, the only knife you need!

The Swedish FireKnife Bio Cocoshell is a particularly well-designed, multi-functional knife with a fire steel built into the handle, made entirely from sustainable and recycled materials and designed for tough use:

  • superior Sandvik 12C27 stainless steel blade (with 90% recycled steel)
  • pleasant to grip handle and functional sheath, made of a bioplastic mix of coconut fibers and PP plastic
  • minimalist packaging, only an information label made of recycled cardboard with biodegradable paint

In addition to the good design and use of responsible materials, this knife also has various excellent functionalities:

  • sturdy, half tang stainless steel knife suitable for all types of carving: cooking food, various carving, splitting wood...
  • weather-resistant magnesium alloy fire steel to start fires in all circumstances (tinder, gas fires ...)
  • the sturdy sheath has a reliable belt clip and is provided with a drainage hole so that the blade stays dry
  • the ergonomic handle is suitable for both right and left-handed users
  • very strong yet lightweight so that it is not a burden to carry

With this Swedish Fireknife you have an all around and functional knife that you can use for anything and everything: from household tasks to robust outdoor work in all weather conditions.
The magnesium fire steel produces very hot sparks so that you can always make a fire.

   Blade: 12C27 Sandvik stainless steel (90% recycled), 9.5 cm long
   Handle and sheath: biobased plastic with coconut fibers, 12 cm long
   Fire steel: Sparksure magnesium alloy
Total weight: 118 grams
Total length: 21.50 cm

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