Warosoku rice bran candles (different colors)

Warosoku rice bran candles (different colors)

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10 Handmade, 100% vegetable candles made from rice bran wax

These special and unique candles from the Japanese manufacturer Daiyo are handmade from rice bran wax.
They are completely natural, sustainable, vegan and give a wonderfully clear and warm light.
Rice bran wax is harder than other types of candle wax and therefore lasts considerably longer than regular candles!

Available colors:

  • Red
  • White
  • Mixed colors

Properties of rice wax candles

  • made from 100% renewable vegetable raw materials
  • vegan (no beeswax)
  • produces virtually no odor or soot
  • burn with a beautiful, stable and clear flame

These candles are ideal as mood lighting for short time activities for tea break, meditation session...

How to use
Place the candle on a stable and safe surface, use the Koma candle holder.
Never leave burning candles unattended.

Material: rice bran wax and cotton wick
Dimentions: H45mm x D10mm
Burning time: 15 minuten
Manufacturer: Daiyo

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