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Matcha Daily

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Great matcha for daily use!

The Matcha Daily is made with the 2nd and 3rd flush (harvest) but has the same origins as all our matchas i.e. high grade, shade-grown tea, after steaming the matcha leaf is ground to a light and fine green powder.

Our organic tea is rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals and high in cafeine and catechin antioxidants (the latter being a consequence of the very small particle size of the processed leaf).
Strong green tea flavor, less sophisticated then our other matchas because of the dominance of the tanines.

Matcha Daily is less suited for making the classic matcha but it is excellent as a kicker ingredient:

  • in smoothies, protein shakes and lattés
  • in dishes, ice creams, desserts, pasterie...
  • fruit juices, especially citrus

100% sustainable green tea (2nd and 3rd flush) 

Contents: 100 and 250 grams
Packaging: resealable pouche

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