Triggerpoint Ball (mini)

Triggerpoint Ball (mini)

Model: VM0249
EAN: 4250367918203
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Special spiky ball for effective acupressure

The effect of the special design of the Triggerpoint ball is based on acupressure, stimulating the nervous system and speeding up regeneration. Regular use improves the blood circulation, boosting the supply of oxygen in tissues and muscles and flushing out toxins. With time and daily use, tense muscles become looser and fascia is freed up.

    •    Improves the blood circulation in tissue and muscles
    •    Loosens and relaxes muscles and fascia
    •    Regular use can reduce pain resulting from muscular tension 

Helpful for the following conditions

    •    foot pain, e.g. plantare Fasciitis
    •    shoulder pain and upper back tensions
    •    pain and tension in the hands, arms, legs and lower back
    •    Carpal tunnel syndrome

Diameter: 4.8 cm

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