Triggerpoint ball set

Triggerpoint ball set

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Complete set to thoroughly tackle trigger points

With these three different massage balls, round ball, peanut and spiky ball, you loosen stuck connective tissue (fascia), tackle trigger points and promote recovery after a hard workout or a strenuous working day.
You can now massage all the muscles of your body.

The Peanut massage ball has a more pronounced shape that allows you to target connective tissues and trigger points along the spine and neck: the muscles are massaged while the vertebrae and bones are not loaded.
The calves can also be well triggered with this.

The round ball is suitable for working the larger muscle groups, including those of the back and legs.

The Peanut and round ball are made from EVA, a durable polymer that is firm yet soft making it quite pleasant to massage stiff muscles with.

The hard spines of the spiky ball stimulate the skin and underlying tissue, thereby stimulating blood flow; this makes the skin feel warmer and you get a pleasant feeling of well-being.
Because the skin is better supplied with blood, the muscles, connective tissue and ligaments will also be addressed.

The Spiky is made of hard plastic, it can withstand a lot of pressure and you can therefore also use it to trigger the soles of your feet.

The trigger point ball set comes in a handy storage bag.

Diameter round ball: 6 cm
Diameter peanut: 6 cm
Diameter spiky ball: 9 cm

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