Toning balls soft weights (2 x 1 kgs)

Toning balls soft weights (2 x 1 kgs)

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1 pair of soft weight toning balls of 1 kg each for bodywork

Toning balls, also known as light weight balls or exercise balls, are fantastic tools for strengthening and toning different muscle groups.
You can use them in many ways such as in pilates, yoga, rehabilitation, stability exercises....
Our soft weight toning balls are sold in pairs, weigh 1 kilogram each and are filled with sand.

What are the benefits of using our toning balls?

You can use these balls to strengthen muscles as well as improve balance and mobility.
Because our toning balls are soft, you can hold them in a natural way while at the same time they are safer and the risk of injury when dropped is lower than with a dumbbell or other type of dumbbell.

Suitability for different fitness levels

1-kilogram toning balls are generally suitable for people of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced. They provide a light resistance that can help build muscle strength and endurance without excessive strain.

Focus on muscle endurance

Toning balls are ideal for improving muscular endurance. They allow you to perform repetitions with a little more intensity, which can help strengthen and define muscles without creating bulk.

Versatility in exercises

Toning balls can be used for a wide range of exercises, including arm exercises, abdominal exercises, leg exercises, and core exercises. You can use them to strengthen specific muscle groups or to add extra challenge to traditional body movements such as squats, lunges, and crunches.

Improving coordination and balance

Holding and moving toning balls requires a certain amount of coordination and balance, especially when integrated into dynamic exercises. This can help improve your overall body awareness and stability.

Lightweight and portable

The compact size and light weight of toning balls make them easily portable and storeable. This makes them ideal for home use, travel, or to take to the gym.


Contents: 2 balls
Material: Filled with sand
Weight: 1 kilogram each
Colour: anthracite


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