Balance cushion

Balance cushion

Model: VM0177
EAN: 4250367926734
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Dynamic balance cushion for activating your body

This inflatable balance cushion helps to create an unstable environment that activates muscles in the body to stay active.
You can use the cushion in different ways, for example as a seat cushion or as an aid to do stability exercises.
The balance cushion is an unstable surface and forces the body to balance itself.

Regular use of the cushion promotes a healthy, strong back and a stable body.

You place the seat cushion on your chair (desk, dining room ...) to promote dynamic sitting because sitting still for hours in daily life can lead to back pain, neck tension, fatigue and a general bad feeling.
In addition, you can also use the balance cushion for back, fitness and coordination training (sitting, standing and lying exercises).

Dimensions: approx. 33 cm
Colour black
air pump included

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