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Nice Digest

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Ayurvedic tonicum for an optimal digestion

An ayurvedic tonicum for a good digestion; ideal for anyone who wants to detox the body.

A good digestion is of primairy importance for a good functioning body and a strong immune system.
According to the teachings of the ayurveda, a lot of health issues have root in a bad digestive system.
Less than optimal digesting results in a ineffective body with deminished nutrient absorption capacity.

Nice Digest is a combination of digestive regulating herbs and iron; it is also rich in vitamine B which helps our nervous system.
It tonifies your body and mind, purifies your body, refreshes, makes you healthy and strong.

  • good digestion
  • healthy appetite
  • combats flatulence
  • boost stamina
  • counters bad breath due to poor digestion
  • good bowel movement
  • purifies the body

Contents: 500ml

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