Massage gun professional (pulsation + vibration)

Massage gun professional (pulsation + vibration)

Model: VM0330
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Professional massage gun for recovery or wellness

With the TrendRehab Massage Gun Professional you can effortlessly massage all muscles and connective tissue!
It has recently been proven that these devices have a positive effect on chronically painful, stiff, tense muscles and fascia. It relieves muscle pain and muscle stiffness.
Because it works with both pulsation and vibration massage, you can penetrate deep into the tissues and the device has no less than 5 different massage modes and 6 speed levels, so you can do a firm recovery massage or opt for a soft, beneficial relaxation massage.
In addition, you can choose from 6 different attachments, each of which has a specific purpose.

You don't need any experience to use it, it can be used anytime, anywhere, and you can use it for self-massage or self-massage.
That is why this massage gun is loved by athletes, sports masseurs and physiotherapists, but it also fits well in any home gym.

The Massage Gun Professional has a very quiet motor that produces only 35-55 decibels. As a result, the use is not disturbing for yourself or those around you.

The device switches itself off automatically after 15 minutes and the display shows the time remaining so that you can give each muscle exactly the same massage time.

The Massage Gun Professional can be used for wellness and recovery after physical exertion:

  • reduces stress, muscle pain and muscle tension
  • stimulates blood circulation
  • makes connective tissue flexible
  • reduces the risk of injuries
  • accelerates the recovery process after exercise

The TrendRehad Massage Gun Professional is very versatile in use thanks to the massage and speed settings and the 6 attachments supplied:

  • Large ball: suitable for the large muscle groups such as glutes (buttocks), quadriceps, hamstrings and calves (legs), back and shoulders
  • Small ball: suitable for treating the large muscle groups more deeply and also for targeting smaller muscles such as neck and trapezius or trapezius muscle
  • U shape: suitable for neck, spine, trapezius or trapezius muscle
  • Cone: suitable for very targeted deeper trigger points, muscle knots or specific painful areas to target
  • Flat head: suitable for a slightly deeper and more specific treatment of all muscles in the chest, legs, shoulders and back
  • Curved head: suitable for round contours such as biceps, calves, thighs

Experiment a bit with the settings and attachments, you'll quickly find what works best for you.
It is suitable for both giving massage and self-massage.
Use it for everything from a gentle, relaxing superficial massage to reaching deeper tissues.

1 massage gun with 6 attachments and battery charger
English user manual

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