Infrared matrass with jade en tourmalin gemstones (180 x 60 cm)

Infrared matrass with jade en tourmalin gemstones (180 x 60 cm)

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Get pampered by our infrared mattress with gemstones

Our infrared mattress (180 x 60 cm) has 83 jade stones and 71 tourmaline stones, each 50 mm in diameter; These natural gemstones are of high quality and ensure even heat distribution and convert heat energy into long infrared waves that penetrate deep into the body.

You can use it for a relaxing wellness experience, to sleep better or to speed up recovery after the workout.
With the stepless temperature control you can easily set the desired temperature up to 70°C.

You can choose to have the mat turn off automatically after 3, 6 and 12 hours, so you can use the mattress to sleep on all night. The built-in overheating protection keeps everything safe.

The mattress can be easily folded into three parts and can be easily transported with the included bag.

What are the advantages of our infrared mattress with gemstones?
Infrared is a very effective form of heat therapy that is easy to apply and has many positive effects:

stimulates the lymphatic system and blood circulation, reducing swelling and accelerating cell renewal
breaks down lactic acid and thus reduces muscle and joint pain
helps to relax and improves sleep
strengthens the immune system
helps to remove waste products
can be used in various chronic (pain) conditions such as fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis...
perfect for after any physical exertion, especially heavy workouts

How do you use the TrendRehab infrared mattress?
The TrendRehad infrared mattress is easy to use, plug in the power supply, switch on the device, select the maximum duration and set the desired temperature (you can easily increase or decrease it later in the session). Lie on the mat and enjoy the soothing warmth.

It is up to the user what feels comfortable but we will give you a few guidelines:

38-40 degrees Celsius is slightly higher than our body temperature, which gives a pleasant lukewarm heat.
This setting is safe for even the most sensitive person and suitable for sleeping at night.
Also good for a deep relaxation that you want to experience for a longer period of time.

50-60 degrees Celsius is good to treat muscle and joint pains, among other things. Find a temperature that allows you to comfortably endure at least 10-15 minutes, longer is definitely recommended.

65-70 degrees Celsius provides a sauna effect and therefore has an intense effect.

Preferably wear thin, light clothing made of natural materials such as cotton, wool, silk, bamboo; these will optimally distribute the heat over your skin.
Be sure to avoid synthetic materials, you will then experience the radiation as unpleasant.
You can certainly also lie naked on the infrared mattress, but for hygienic reasons it is best to put a thin sheet or towel made of natural materials on the mattress.

Material: 71 tourmaline stones and 83 jade stones of 50mm in diameter
Dimensions: 180 x 62 cm
Dimensions heating surface: 146 x 42 cm

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