Hot cold pack Strap4U (universal use)

Hot cold pack Strap4U (universal use)

Model: VM0303
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Hot & cold pack Strap4U, the innovative hot and cold compress

The reusable hot & cold pack from Strap4U provides a pleasant but very effective, long-lasting and even temperature transfer for the treatment of various ailments and injuries of various nature and causes through cryotherapy (cold) or thermotherapy (heat).
Forget the old packs that are either too hot or too cold, the Strap4U always feels perfect, a real must have for every first aid kit!

No need to wrap the pack to protect the skin, you place it in complete safety directly on the skin where it works deeply so you not only experience a cooling or heating of the epidermis, the underlying tissue is also treated appropriately.
The hypoallergenic silicone parts of the Strap4U feel very comfortable so that you can wear the pack for a very long time without any problems so that you experience an effective depth effect.

This medical device can treat all parts of the body: face, neck, torso, back, limbs, hands and feet.
It is very user-friendly: you can hold it by hand or attach it to the body with the included 1.2 meter long elastic silicone strap.
The flexibility of the external parts makes it possible to target almost any body part and the innovative thermal transfer material not only allows direct skin contact, the action goes deeper than just the surface of the skin.

Major advantages of the Hot & cold pack Strap4U

  • reusable several times (also, the material is disinfectable and sterilizable for extra safety)
  • can be placed directly on the skin without danger of cold or heat shock
  • can also be used on sensitive skin or body parts
  • can be put in the fridge and freezer for cooling
  • can be put in the microwave / microwave oven and hot water to heat up
  • rapid cooling and heating
  • retains heat / cold for a long time
  • universal use
  • external parts are made of hypoallergenic, skin-friendly silicone and the internal part consists of natural, non-toxic and antibacterial gel
  • you can attach on the body or hold it by hand
  • suitable for everyone (children from 36 months)
  • produced with environmentally friendly materials

This hot & cold pack has a range of applications:

  • recovery after physical exertion and sports
  • relieve various pains
  • treatment of medical complaints and injuries: joints, muscles, tendons, connective tissue, blood flow, post-operative complaints, menstrual pains, bruises, fever, inflammation ...
  • for relaxation and comfort

Read the enclosed detailed manual (Dutch) to fully enjoy the pack.
You can put the pack in the fridge or freezer to cool down and use a microwave, microwave or warm water to warm it up.

Contents: 1 Strap4U pack with 1.2 meter long strap
Material external parts: hypoallergenic, skin-friendly silicone
Internal part material: natural, non-toxic and antibacterial gel
Manual: Dutch
Packaging: cartboard

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