Ayursouple taila massage oil

Ayursouple taila massage oil

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Ayursouple for flexible muscles and joints

Ayursouple taila is a combination of two classic Ayurvedic massage oils enriched with wintergreen, eucalyptus and turpentine oil for the (preventive) treatment of stiff muscles and joints.
It has the pleasant characteristic scent of wintergreen.

Ayursouple oil improves the flexibility of the joints, repairs and strengthens the muscles and soothes muscle and joint pain thanks to the unique composition of:

  • visha garbha taila: oil for loosening stiff muscles and joints
  • nirgundi taila: highly detoxifying oil, releases deep-lying waste
  • wintergreen: good against rheumatic, muscle and joint pains
  • eucalyptus oil: has good antiseptic and analgesic properties
  • turpentine oil: used in the treatment of rheumatism

Available in 150 and 500ml.

This massage oil helps to keep muscles and joints in optimal condition and thus prevent (sports) injuries.

Apply the oil to the skin where the problems occur.
Can be used both preventively and as a treatment for muscle and joint pain.
Note: May leave stains on textiles.

Content: 150 and 500ml
Packaging: plastic bottle

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