Halishte rug

Halishte rug

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The pride of your home

Beautiful decorative and functional rug, handmade solely with wool from Karakachan sheep (a long-haired breed typical for the Balkans) in its natural colours - no dyes or chemicals were used making the rug.
The finished product is so-called living wool: high-quality wool is minimally processed after sheering (no cutting down the original length) so the long locks of wool keep their structure and original softness as well as its unsurpassed thermal insulating properties. Each lock of wool is then bound by hand into the woven basis, then combed and washed. The individual strands of hairs can be up to 25 cm long.

Therefor each item is an unique piece of crafmanship.

Halishte has a century-old tradition in the Balkan Mountains, particulary in Bulgaria, dating from pre-Roman times.
As it is time consuming to make, it was and still is considered a symbol of wealth, often given as a brides’ dowry.
Even today, the rugged good looks of a Halishte continues to evoke a sense of luxury and wealth.

This exceptional warm, insulating soft rug can also be used in several different ways:

  • as wall decor
  • as a bed / sofa / chair cover
  • for sitting/relaxing on the floor
  • as a meditation mat
  • as a decorative floor rug
  • as a blanket

Halishte can be furnished in both modern flats as well as rustic cottages where this unique textile offers a beautiful natural look and feel, making a statement in any home.

Material: 100% wool
Dimentions: 128 x 104 cm

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