Matcha premium 30 grs

Matcha premium 30 grs

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An exclusive Japanese green tea!

Matcha has similar origins to gyokuro, i.e. an early season, high grade, shade-grown tea. After steaming the matcha leaf is comprehensively stone ground to a light and fine green powder with a traditional stone mortar and pestle, called a Hikiusu.
Matcha premium is one of the highest quality of powdered green tea, the well-known green tea of the Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chano-yu).

Our organic tea is rich in amino acids, vitamins, and minerals and high in caffeine and catechin antioxidants (the latter being a consequence of the very small particle size of the processed leaf).
Our organic Matcha has a more sweetness and deeper flavour than the coarser teas of later harvests.

Matcha is regarded as a heavy green tea by the Japanese, but in fact it can be prepared as a strong (koicha) or weak tea (usucha) depending on the way it is made. Quite often the best matcha (koicha) is used for Chano-yu, but  the bitter end to the tea ceremony shocks the uninitiated who attend such gatherings.

Usucha is very easy to make, simply add hot water and stir, to give a kind of instant tea - no prior knowledge of Chano-yu is needed but it is advisable to use a Chasen (bamboo whisk) for preparing the Matcha.
But Matcha is surprisingly versatile; you can make a refreshing iced tea with it, smoothies, lattes, use it in the kitchen for desserts or seasoning...

Sustainable green tea

Contents: 30 grams

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