Green clay poultice

Green clay poultice

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Green clay in handy compresses on a roll

These green clay compresses on a 5-meter-long cellulose roll are easy to use and adapt perfectly to the contours of each body part.
You apply them in a minimum of time without much fuss.
They are very practical and can also easily be taken to the gym, when traveling ...

Clay has been used as a medicine since time immemorial because it is rich in minerals, enzymes and trace elements such as silica, calcium, magnesium, aluminum and iron oxide, phosphorus, sodium, sulfur, manganese, zinc, chlorine, cobalt ...
These Argelitz green clay compresses are specific for the treatment of:

  • soothes joint problems and infections
  • relaxes tired muscles
  • good for bruises and various sports injuries
  • relieves itching from insect bites
  • promotes skin regeneration

How to use

  1. Cut or tear the desired length for the body part to be treated.
  2. Moisten the clay with cold or warm water depending on the condition to be treated.
    Moisturizing slightly is preferable to soaking in water, you can always re-moisten the tape (several times) after it has been placed on the skin.
  3. Apply the tape without stretching it.
    Stretching works counterproductively, if desired you can wrap it in with a tape.
  4. After use you can compost the tape or put it in the organic waste.

Finely ground green illite clay (France) processed in a 100% vegetable & compostable cellulose tape.

Content: 2 x 5 meters x 8.5 cm
Weight: 700 grams

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