Good Night incense sticks

Good Night incense sticks

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Relaxing and soothing incense sticks with Maidal notes, Lavender and Myrrh

100% natural incense sticks made from maidal nuts combined with fragrant lavender and myrrh.
They give a wonderful scent for deep relaxation and a good night's sleep.

These dried nuts of the Catunaregam spinosa have the special property that they have a wonderfully soothing effect when burned, which is why they are sometimes called dream nuts in the region of origin (South Asia).

What is the aroma of the Good Sleep incense?
These incense sticks have a light, sweet scent with a warm, earthy aroma.

How do you use the Good Sleep incense sticks?
The special scent is ideal for creating a pleasant, soothing and calming atmosphere.
It is the perfect incense to burn later in the day, ideal just before bedtime where it gives a good night's sleep with sweet dreams.

Contents: 10 incense sticks of 15 cm
Weight: +/- 10 grams

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