Golden Milk

Golden Milk

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Yogic source of energy for reaching your full potential

Golden Milk owes its name to the golden color and precious quality of the original recipe of the Ayurvedic and Yoga tradition, which considers it a special treasure for well-being.
The Aequanime Golden Milk preparation is made from valuable natural organic ingredients: Turmeric, Ghee and Honey and is perfectly mixed and matched for immediate, quick use.

The combination of natural ingredients and the faithful preparation according to yogic original recipe make the Aequanime Golden Milk preparation the perfect companion in the maintenance of physical performance in general and the caretaking for the musculoskeletal apparatus in particular.
In Yoga practice, Golden Milk is recommended to "loosen" the joints and improve flexibility; during intensive yoga sessions.

Add a spoonful to a glass of warm milk (either vegetable or animal).

Contens: 220 ml (195 g)
Packaging: glass

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