Gimme Smooth Slimming Lotion 100ml

Gimme Smooth Slimming Lotion 100ml

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Slimming lotion against cellulite

The Indemne Gimme Smooth Slimming Lotion has been specially developed to treat cellulite by stimulating blood flow and cell drainage.
It contains only natural ingredients, no paraben or petrochemical products.
Dermatologically tested but not on animals.

Gimme smooth slimming lotion has a sophisticated composition that combats existing cellulite and prevents its formation:eucalyptus works diureticimmortelle has anti-bacterial properties, has a healing effect and stimulates blood circulationgrape seed oil is a powerful anti-oxidant, makes the lotion super-soft and pleasantly spreadable without feeling greasy

How to use
For the best result use it eight weeks at a time but it can also be used sporadic in between as prevention.
You massage a few drops of Gimme smooth lotion twice a day on the zones with cellulite such as buttocks, legs, upper arms and abdomen:

  • apply to a clean skin
  • create dynamic, circular movements
  • focus for at least 5 minutes on each treatment zone until the lotion is completely absorbed by the skin
  • do not rinse the skin after the treatment but let it dry naturally

Avoid use immediately before exposure to direct sunlight.
For the best results, combine your Gimme smooth slimming lotion with one of two types of Bubble-in from Indemne.

Content: 100ml
Packaging: glass bottle with pump dispenser

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