Arnica massage oil (300ml)

Arnica massage oil (300ml)

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Beneficial arnica in cold-pressed almond oil for muscles and joints

This fantastic massage oil is made from the macerate (decoction) of arnica plants processed in a sustainable, cold-pressed almond oil.
The oil is easy to lubricate, has a fairly neutral odor and absorbs into the skin fairly quickly without becoming sticky.

Arnica (Arnica montana), also known under the folk names arnica and wool lily, is a particularly beneficial plant that has been used for centuries because of its good anti-inflammatory, analgesic and tissue-repairing properties.
Almond oil nourishes the skin and gives it a pleasantly soft, velvety feel.

What is arnica good for?
Arnica Montana is a medicinal plant rich in flavonoids, carotenoids and essential oils.
Arnica extract has the following properties:

  • relaxes stiff, tired muscles
  • stimulates blood flow
  • supports the skin's regenerative capacity
  • heals bruises an contusions
  • has a good analgesic effect (for both muscles and joints)

What can you use this arnica massage oil for?
You can certainly use the arnica oil in a relaxing massage but it really comes into its own in the prevention and treatment of painful, tired muscles and joints.

Arnica massage oil warms and relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood flow in the skin and underlying connective tissue.
Using this massage oil before sports helps to prevent muscle cramps and stiffness, while using it after a workout or physical exertion ensures that the muscles and connective tissue can relax properly .

Arnica also has good skin-repairing properties that, together with the nourishing almond oil, ensure that the skin remains young, healthy and elastic.

This oil is an absolute must in the home pharmacy of every passionate athlete.

How do you use this massage oil?
Massage the sore muscles and joints with an appropriate amount of oil.
Just let the rest of the oil dry up.

You can certainly mix this oil with your favorite essential oil. We recommend that you definitely try birch, mint or wintergreen.

Macerate of Arnica montana and almond oil (Prunus amygdalus dulcis)
Sourced from sustainable agriculture

Packaging: glass bottle
Contents: 300ml

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