Dead Sea mud powder 250 gram

Dead Sea mud powder 250 gram

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Dead Sea mud in powder form

Handy dead sea mud in powder form, ideal for quick and easy use.

Mud from the Dead Sea (also called black mud) has been appreciated for many centuries for its cosmetic and therapeutic qualities.
It is an alluvial deposit, so the sediment of organic residues (including algae) mixed with the many minerals and salts from the seawater.

The black mud has a range of applications: diluted with water for a soothing bath or pure on skin.
The slow heat conduction of the mud causes the bath water to cool down less quickly, which stimulates blood flow and the high concentration of minerals and salts is quickly absorbed by the skin.
This makes the mud beneficial for the skin (including cellulite) and muscle and joint pains.
Particularly well suited for active people and athletes, people with (chronic) muscle and joint pains.

Cosmetic use
Dead Sea Mud absorbs moisture and skin secretions such as sebum and sweat, making it an ideal deep cleanser.
The components of the mud have excellent skin care properties:

  • slows down the aging process of the skin
  • softens and cleanses the skin thoroughly
  • stimulates skin renewal and prevents flaking
  • suitable for all skin types and can be used as both a face and body mask

Therapeutic use
Dead Sea Mud not only promotes general well-being, it also has some clear therapeutic properties:

  • excellent remedy for insomnia, fatigue and stress
  • strengthens the immune system and thereby improves the resistance
  • the hygroscopic effect of the minerals detoxifies and restores the moisture balance of the skin cells, making them firmer
  • beneficial effect on blood circulation and improves local cell metabolism (good against cellulite and cellulite formation)
  • beneficial effect on muscle and joint pains caused by overloading, sprains, bleeding and other (sports) injuries or chronic conditions such as rheumatism, gout and arthritis
  • excellent for treating skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, extremely oily skin and acne

Dead Sea Mud contains 40 different minerals, halogens and trace elements, including:

  • 30-35% magnesium chloride - a natural muscle relaxant
  • 24-26% potassium chloride - stimulates and harmonizes nerve signals
  • 4-8% sodium chloride - protects the body against water loss
  • calcium chloride - anti-inflammatory, regulates the heart muscles
  • Sulphates - ensure cell structure
  • Silicon - provides strong and beautiful nails and hair
  • Iron - supports the supply of oxygen to the cells
  • Zinc - causes wounds to heal faster, contributes to the elimination of carbon dioxide
  • Bromine - stimulates the body's natural renewal processes

Content: 250 grams

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