Aleppo soap 40% laurel oil

Aleppo soap 40% laurel oil

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100% authentic & artisanal soap from Aleppo

Aleppo soap is still made according ancient traditions: pure olive oil is boiled with laurelzeep, after this paste hardens it get cut into blocks and dried in the open air.
100% natural soap, no artificial ingredients are added.

Due to the high content of laurel this soap is antispetic, antibacterial, heals wounds, sooths and calms the skin.
It alleviates skin conditions like psoriasis, excema and acné, and it is very suited for people with dry sensitive skin.

Daily as a hand, body or shaving soap.
Can also be used to wash hair and even clothes.

This soap is 100% biological degradable and thus ideal to taking along on your next outdoor adventure.

Contents: 200 gram

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