Argiletz green clay pads (36 x 25 gram)

Argiletz green clay pads (36 x 25 gram)

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Green clay packed in small practical pads

Green clay has been used for centuries for its detoxifying and relaxing effect because it is rich in minerals, enzymes and trace elements such as silicic acid, calcium, magnesium, aluminum and iron oxide, phosphorus, sodium, sulphur, manganese, zinc, chlorine, cobalt....
These 36 paper pads with 25 grams of green clay have been specially developed by Argiletz® to act as quickly and effectively as possible on sore muscles, to reduce muscle and joint pain and to treat skin inflammations and problems .

This sun-dried fine-grained Illite clay from France has various applications:

  • soothes and relieves joint problems and inflammation
  • bruising and minor bruising
  • relieves itch from insect bites
  • promotes the regeneration of the skin tissue and helps with certain skin problems such as acne ...
  • to relieve bags under the eyes

The Argiletz green clay pads are very practical to use, even in an emergency.

  1. Cut out the desired number of pads in the desired shape so that it easily follows the contours of the body part.
  2. Let it soak for 5 minutes in (ice) cold or warm water, depending on the complaint, and then let it drain.
  3. Apply directly to the skin, if necessary fix with a bandage or towel.
  4. Let set for an hour.
  5. The pads are single use, you can repeat the process with a new pillow.

Choose the appropriate temperature, ice water is recommended for inflammation, warm water is good for a relaxing effect.
Test carefully that the temperature is ok before placing the pad on the sensitive area.

You can also use the pads to treat the face and especially the eyes.
For the eyes, cut out a single pad to cover the eyes. Place in ice water perfect for treating tired and puffy eyes, if you prefer a relaxing session, place the pads in warm water (but make sure they are not too hot when placing them on the eyelids).

Green illite clay (France)

Contents: 1 sheet of 3 x 12 pads of 25 grams each

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