Yokuu Cleaning Pearl Start Kit

Yokuu Cleaning Pearl Start Kit

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100% Natural all-purpose cleaner with 15 billion cleaning soldiers

Nature is chock full of good bacteria that help us to keep our environment clean in a 100% natural way without the need for aggressive detergents because the use of chemical products has a negative impact on living and working spaces.
The Yokuu cleaning pearls are bubbling with life and bring healthy nature back indoors.

  • cleaning any surface
  • clean up organic matter
  • improve indoor flora
  • limits the formation of dust
  • break down bad odors
  • protects surfaces so that dirt adheres less quickly
  • safe for humans and animals
  • scientifically tested for safety and effectiveness

Bonus: each pearl replaces 1 disposable plastic bottle and the kit has only a limited transport weight, so less CO2 during transport.

This set contains the spray bottle and 1 cleaning pearl.

Can be used on any surface that you often come into direct contact with, such as kitchen sink, sink, toilet... but certainly also sports equipment and yoga mats.
The real strength lies in the long-lasting effect of the bacteria, so that the treated surfaces remain clean for longer.
Works particularly well with dust and organic dirt.
It is perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, office and bedroom.

You can easily prepare the all-purpose cleaner:

  • put 1 cleaning bead in the supplied Yokuu spray bottle
  • fill with regular tap water or even rainwater
  • turn the spray head on and shake it up
  • after 5 minutes the pearl is completely dissolved and you can use the all-purpose cleaner
  • spray over the surface you want to clean and let it work where necessary
  • wipe the surface with a clean cloth
  • repeat if necessary

Shelf life
Yokuu cleaning pearls stay good for up to 2 years in their original packaging.
Once solved, Yokuu will be good for 3 months.
The bottle is fully reusable, just rinse and start over.

Contents: 1 reusable spray bottle + 1 cleaning pearl
Composition: good bacteria, perfumes, potassium sorbate

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