Water Pure active charcoal water filter

Water Pure active charcoal water filter

Model: VM0510
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Water Pure active charcoal water filter

This Water Pure Active Charcoal is a natural water filter made from bamboo charcoal, one of the better natural absorbent materials.
It is ideal to absorb various elements such as chlorine and minerals such as lime from the water, which improves the taste and quality.
With one charcoal rod you can improve about 800 liters of water in 6 months.

Available: 1 piece or 4 pieces

The filter works best if it can lie in a carafe for 8 hours, but the effects are also noticeable after an hour.

  • nice daily drinking water
  • ideal for brewing tea: it noticeably improves the taste of the more delicate green teas 
  • keeps cut flowers fresh for longer in a vase
  • absorbs unwanted odors in your refrigerator
  • in the potting soil around plants (in pots or open soil)

The active charcoal rod can be used permanently for 3 months, after which you must activate it again by:

  • rinse the charcoal with clean water (no soap!)
  • boil the filter for 10 minutes
  • then let it dry
  • the filter can be used again for 3 months
  • recycle after 6 months of use

Material: charred bamboo
Dimensions: Ø 2.5 cm - hoogte 10 cm
Quantity: 1 pc or 4 pcs

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