Toe socks

Toe socks

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Toe socks that help your toes and feet function optimally

ToeToe unisex toe socks are specially designed to make you feel like you're walking barefoot.
This is because our socks allow each toe to move individually, which promotes greater comfort and more natural movement of the toes.
The mid-calf toe socks have a classic design, ideal for everyday wear on any occasion.
These unisex, one size fits all toe socks are made of 90% cotton and 10% elastane, making them extremely elastic and a perfect fit for men and women, shoe sizes 36 to 46.

What are the benefits of wearing toe socks?
The benefits of wearing toe socks are huge! 

Each toe is separately protected so that there is no skin-to-skin contact between the toes so that the skin cannot rub against each other.
This prevents irritated skin and blisters

Because sweat is now also better wicked away and cannot accumulate between the toes, the feet stay drier and more comfortable for longer.

This better hygiene also reduces the risk of skin irritation, the development and spread of athlete's foot....

Toe socks also stay in place better even when dipped in moisture and mud, making them comfortable to wear in all conditions.

For who are toe socks suitable for?
By wearing our ToeToe socks every day, you help your toes and feet to become more stable and stronger, which in turn ensures a better movement pattern, better circulation, better balance and stronger feet, among other things.

They also help to keep your feet free from painful injuries and blisters.
These socks are also ideal for avid hikers and athletes who use their feet actively.
Take them with you on a hike or use them in the workout.

Material: 90% cotton and 10% elastane
Colour: black
Unisex & one size fits all (from shoe size 35 to 46)

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