Tiffin Box Bombay (3layer)

Tiffin Box Bombay (3layer)

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A multifunctional foodbox!

The Tiffin Box Bombay is the original, authentic food container from Mumbai (formerly Bombay, India) and is an almost unbreakable and practical item for storing hot or cold foods.
The Tiffin is an eco-friendly food-grade stainless steel container that keep your food fresh and yummie but it won’t stain, smell, wear out or pollute the planet like its plastic counterparts do. 
Build to last, it is very solid and made for a long life.

Easy to clean, just pop it into your dishwasher or rinse and reuse.

The Tiffin Box Bombay is a practical household-item for food storage or transport, its use is only limited by your imagination:

  • use it as a food carrier, pack a lunchbox with salads, sandwiches, curries... and carry it to work, school, picknic, a day hiking....
  • use it as a storage container, to store tea, dry foods like peas, beans, lentils...
  • for domestic use or can be used in the home or any outdoor-activity

The Tiffin Box are three separate food containers that sit above each other with a solid top lid with handle and two snaplocks on the side that ensure a tight fit when closing.

Material: stainless steel
3 layers with locking system and carrying handle
Height: approx. 15 cm
Diameter: approx. 12,8 cm
Total capacity: approx. 1 liter

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