Eco Seal 3 in 1 Splash Box

Eco Seal 3 in 1 Splash Box

Model: VM0213
EAN: 705105998824
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Rectangular, leak-proof bento box in stainless steel

The eco seal 3 in 1 splash box has two large and one mini containers, perfect for packaging and separating a multitude of items, including (fresh) food products.
Made for frequent use:

  • stainless steel containers therefore virtually indestructible
  • leakproof silicone embossed lids with child-friendly anti-slip tabs for easy opening
  • empty they can be nested together while lids and bottoms are designed to be stacked together for easy transport once filled
  • the containers (without lid) can be heated in a medium heated oven or on a camping fire (not suitable for microwave)
  • dishwasher safe

These storage boxes can be used for various purposes:

  • perfect to pack your lunch for work, gym snacks, picnic, day hike ...
  • to take to the market to buy fresh produce



  • bottom container: 385 ml
  • top container: 414 ml
  • mini container : 146 ml
  • total weigth: 454 gram
  • size: 10,8 cm x 14,6 cm x 9,5 cm


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