Thor hammer Oseberg style

Thor hammer Oseberg style

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Oseberg thor hammer protective amulet with a bolo

Ready to wear, this modern version of the classic Thor hammer is inspired by the Oseberg style from the Viking period.
The hammer contains beautifully stylized horses and the head of a sea monster.
Comes with a leather bolo that has two beautifully detailed wolf heads.
This thor hammer is fairly light and comfortable to wear.

Thor or Donar, the god of thunder, was honored as the protector of humanity and his most important attribute, the hammer Mjölnir, was therefore worn by the Germanic and Nordic peoples as a protective amulet.

Hammer material: tin alloy
Hammer dimensions: 3.5 cm long - 3 cm wide - 0.5 cm thick
Bolo material: leather
Bolo dimensions: 23 cm diameter

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