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Natural skin protection

Tjarsalva or tar lotion is made out of pine tar and lanolin.

Pine tar has numerous good skin caring properties such as astringend on small wounds, mild pain relief, itch reducing and skin rejuvenation.

Lanolin is a natural fat product derived from sheep's wool.
It protects our skin in the same way wool protects the sheep against weather, wind and dehydration.
Lanolin has an unsurpassed moisturizing ability and keeps the skin smooth and soft while at the same time it does not clog our skin pores.
It protects, hydrates, softens and is suitable for dry, cracked skin on hands and feet, eczema, cuts, abrasions... whilst allowing the skin to breathe.

The scent is slight smokey, reminiscent of a camp fire.

Apply to skin and rub it in. 

Our lanolinsalva feels stickier than regular skin lotion because, contrary commercial lanolin lotions, it contains no water!

Contents: 70 grams
Packaging: glass

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