Swedish herbs Jacob Hooy (90 grs)

Swedish herbs Jacob Hooy (90 grs)

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Unlock the power of the Jacob Hooy Swedish herbs (from the recipe by Maria Treben)

Now prepare your own unique Swedish herbal bitter with Jacob Hooy's Swedish herbs.
The composition is based on the old and proven recipe of Maria Treben.
This mixture contains camphor.

What is Swedish herbs good for?
With this package you can prepare your own Swedish herbal bitter that you can use both internally and externally.
For more info, read our blog Make your own Swedish herbs bitter according to Maria Treben's recipe.

What's in Swedish Herbs?
Jacob Hooy's Swedish herbs are based on Maria Treben's recipe and contain Cape aloe, senna (leaf), manna, angelica root, camphor, Venetian theriak (angelica root, valerian, cinnamon, sitting root, cardamom seed, myrrh), rhubarb root, sitting root , myrrh, silver thistle, saffron.

How do you make Swedish bitter?
You can easily make Swedish herbal bitters yourself:

  • put the contents of this packet in a glass bottle of 2 liters capacity
  • add 1.5 liters of gin of at least 38 vol. % alc.
  • let it soak preferably in the sun or warm place
  • shake the mixture several times a day for 14 days
  • test whether the decoction is sufficiently strong, if necessary let it steep for a few more days, otherwise strain the liquid and fill it in a dark bottle
  • label the bottle with description and date of manufacture

Content: 90.2 grams

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