Seating stool i-om (different colors)

Seating stool i-om (different colors)

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More than just a stool!

The i-om seating stool is more than your run of the mill stool, it elevate sitting to a new high.
Because of its subtle instability theis stool creates a sense that you body is floating rather then sitting.
As you need to sit dynamically, you avoid staying in one position for too long so you have less ciruclation problems in the legs and buttocks.

Ideal as a seating stool for active sitting.
Suited as a meditation stool for the experienced meditator.
Foldable and light weight: handy to store or to take along.


  • the cushions are made of Ökotex-coldfoam, covered in 3 mm thick shearwollen felt; this makes that the cushions don't get too hot when sitting for a long time
  • the outerfabric is cleaning friendly
  • the wooden leg is made out of birch plywood, treated with waterstain and ecological wood oil

Folded: H24 x B24 x D20 cm
Seating area: 24 x 20 cm
Seating height: 24 cm
Weight: 1300 gram

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